Lego Undeads' Tower

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Side views (4 pictures)

The bridge is detachable due to my transport box dimensions ;-)

Each level is easy to remove if you need access to interior.

Hires animation (684kB)


It seems that nice guy in hat is a boss here ;-)

Morpheus probably isn't happy because of all those guardians around...

It's not a luxurious hotel, but they have very nice sight...

Take a look at apartment...

Ghalun, undeads' captain running downstairs to help his soldiers in fight.
They say Ghalun hadn't like forks in childhood and used two knifes instead, but maybe it's just a gossip...?

It was lucky day for Bahrold. He was treasury's guard and hadn't duty to go downstairs, where some noise have been done.
In fact he hadn't hear any noise. What noise??

There were at least three chests in the treasury waiting for upcoming conquerors.

Undeads were completly surprised with sudden attack

There is no doubt battle is very honorable, but Gordon in fact wasn't delighted by this way to glory.

Gareth the knight was surprise when discovered that some of undeads can fly for a while.
Especially when they are motivate with an axe...
Borhus the undead was surprise when discovered he can fly. He discover that by dint of Gareth.

Undeads troops pass barrels full of liquor with unhidden sorrow and sadness.
So, maybe they taste and enjoy it after the fight...

Phorten wasn't brutal and wild undeadlike the others.
He always had pacifist's soul which has been waken up by strong flavour from the barrel.

Peasant Walles was a true master of hide-and-seek game in his youth.

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