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unfortunately I forgot to show gate closing :-(


Do you remember Borhus the undead? During the battle of undeads' tower he learned to fly.
Will he show us his flying skills again?

Ghalun, undeads' captain (and his two swords) isn't easy opponent.

Undeads use shield carts to protect crossbowmen.

Larry the spearman seems to be shiftless in the face of enemy new weapon...

... but in fact Larry is very effective. Like always :-)

Attack is going on...

... undead crossbowmen work hard ;-)

Castle catapult crew.

"Enemy hit! Load stone immediatly!"

Red alert!
Hatchet Harry (in top left corner) is called Hatched because he is the owner and user
of biggest hatchet in this land

Hatchet Harry is incredibly efficient in battle. After hours he collects battle souvenirs ;-)

The king really doesn't like when something breakes his breakfast.

King's guard on his post.

The King's apartment isn't very luxurious.

Here you can see liquors store.

Battle is battle but dinner is obligatory. Kettle full of water is carried to the kitchen.

Chief preparing spices. Maybe a bit of curry?
Two guys just delivered a meat for a dinner.
Interesting is it beef, chicken,or maybe...

...oops never mind...I'm sure chief will cook something delicious ;-)

The Magnificient Four is a famous battering ram team.
They can smash every gate with a few hits...

... but why nobody told them that gate is behind portcullis :-o

Portcullis staff has quite nice work.

And here is the reason of that confusion. Undead princess in castle prison.

That's all :-)

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